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PVP Trainer 7 Watches your health and your targets health while you battle. Sounds a warning when one of you reaches 30% or lower. Announces the winner in Sector Chat. Use /startpvp or /stoppvp You can specify a percentage after the startpvp command like this: /starpvp 40 The default is 30%
TGFT_Utilities 14 Many functions for finding things in VO. General Utilities. Disclaimer: Collects and transmits data on sectors, players that you encounter and price data for items in stations. Data translated is not anonymous and will provide information about your location and those around you to TGFT. Analysis of this data could reveal sensitive details about your characters movements, travel companions, and be used to identify alternate characters. See /tgft for help and more info on the plugin. /search /botsearch /lowprice /highprice /stations /mydent /autounload /turbotoggle /players /turbotoggle /launch /bindsave /alarm See more info on the TGFT forums under plugins.
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