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Plugin Rating Users Description
Active Key Filter 4 A plugin to automatically keep your key list clean of old or inactive keys
AnalogToDigital 2 Allows you to bind joystick axes to commands that normally require digital controls (e.g. +Shoot1, +Turbo, etc.)
Auto R/R 26 Automatically repair/reload when docking with a station/capship.
AutoJett 8 Automatically jettison certain ores.
AutoLogin 15 Automatically logs you in. Edit the main.lua file with a text editor to configure it.
AutoRR 3 A revised version for Auto Reload and Repair that has a toggle function (/autorr) and allows custom colour configurations by editing the main.lua. Perfect for avoiding the hefty reload fee's on those TU mines!
Background Toggler 1 Toggles whether the background should be displayed. Turning it off can be useful when trying to locate objects that are beyond radar range.
BountyHUD 6 Adds to the HUD the total bounty on your head, as well as any bounty on your target.
Calculator 5 A simple scientific calculator window.
Captain's Kit 5 A few useful tools for capital ship captains. Features: - Displays dock/undock messages on the HUD. - Hold fire to lock out all gunners. - Turret assignments for gunners. - Auto-kick for all crew when self-destruct is activated.
CargoFind 1 Find a specific widget by name.
Catalog 8 Catalogs information on items (prices, stats, etc.). When you target a stack of items, it displays the estimated value.
ChanColors 8 Allows you to assign colors to individual channels.
Channel Log 4 Shows all the channels you are in broken down by one channel per tab in the UI. Unique tab for guild and private.
ChSound 0 Plays sound whenever someone chats to the designated channel.
CombatAssist 6 A few simple bindings for keyboard only players.
CondHail 3 CondHail is a rule-based conditional hail plugin. You press one button, then it compares your target to a list of rules and criteria to choose what message to send.
cpreset 2 /cpreset save "name" - saves whatever you have loaded as preset with supplied name /cpreset load "name" - loads preset into the ship
CtC Countdown 2 This is the CtC Countdown plugin that alerts you of upcoming and in progress CtC with sounds. The Author is AWOL and this is here to keep it archived for future users. If the author returns message me in game or on the forums and I will add you as owner and remove myself.
deboop 3 Replaces the hit beep with a the machine gun sound from OpenArena
DisplayShipPos 3 This re-introduces the old /DisplayShipPos command.
Distributed IRC relay 4 Relay server and client to offload relay services across multiple players within a guild
DKAutofill 3 Delete Key Autofill will automatically populate the description field in the delete verification window with the description of the key you are trying to delete.
Doomsday client 1 Doomsday lua client
dopplerhostility 5 Paints ships in the radar red if they are approaching, and green if they are stationary or moving away. Optionally flashes back and forth when the ship is within the proximity alarm's distance.
DroidButtons 20 The DroidButtons plugin allows users on the Android platform to create additional buttons on the HUD for an enhanced gameplay experience. These buttons can be assigned any commands.
enterleave 271 Notifies user when particular characters or bots enter or leave the sector.
Escort Turbo 1 This plugin will restrict your turbo to within 160m/s.
ezGroup 6 Displays a dialog box when invited to a group.
FactionColor 1 Colors names in the sector list by faction's default ship color.
FCP 3 FCP by Harpo v1.08 Vendetta Online manufacturing helper plugin, mainly for items where many of the same are needed Usage: Enter any one of the following commands in the chat window... /fcp /ffsa /ffssa /rb /rib /fc /firecracker /mca /iba /eha For corvus widowmakers the station is the parameter: /cwm "Bractus D-9" The plugin will reply with how many of the item you can make with current inventory, and which ingredient is most urgently needed to keep production moving. To see more detail after one of these is run, open the console window with ` and look at the bottom of the console log.
Honk 24 Allows you to honk at other ships in the sector. Other users of the plugin (as well as you) will hear a honking sound, which differs based on ship.
HUD Messages 2 Displays messages for toggling F/A, A/A, mouselook, as well as the mining beam warnings on the HUD instead of the chatbox.
HUDInfo 3 Moves kills, PKS, and nearby faction standings to HUD selfinfo box.
IgnoreIRC 4 Ignores players on IRC that are on your ignore list.
ignoreturret 2 Target objects in front and exclude turrets.
InfiniTurbo 13 Allows your ship to turbo constantly - even if the engine drains more than the power cell provides. Three modes are available: Stacking: Keep ship at exact speed to stack missiles (80m/s) Speed: Turbo as fast as possible (keeping 25% charge for warp) Energy: Keep the ship running fast, but slowly charge cell to 100%.
JettAll 3 Automatically jettison all cargo.
Killshot 3 Takes screenshot when player kills someone.
KombatTunes 1 Plays a song at random (or determined by pattern matching). Intended to be used mainly by other plugins, e.g. LegionHail, but can also be used by hand. NOTE: This is the lite version that does not include sample audio. See the forum thread for a link to a version that includes sample audio.
LegionHail 1 Provides ability to have multiple "modes" (e.g. pirate, trader, pvp), each of which can have any number of hails associated with it. When you run /legionhail, it will choose a hail at random from the current mode and send it to your target. It also integrates with KombatTunes, if installed, and on sending a hail it initiates the playing of a song if one isn't already active.
Libramatic Stimulatory Distractonator 7 It serves absolutely no purpose other than to make things trippy.
M.A.I.D. 18 M.A.I.D. (Mining And Inventory Daemon) Manage ship cargo, ores and mining. Features: * Automatically jettison items of your choosing (ores, cargo, scrap, etc). * Jettison items immediately (combat mode) or just before ship is full. * Time cargo drops to make sure they don't disappear. * Monitor asteroid temperatures to prevent overheating. * Review mining and cargo statistics.
Max Profit 5 Adds a button to the sell dialog that finds the sell qty resulting in maximum total profit.
MDI TargetList 4 A minimalist on-HUD target list display.
MfgAide 9 Displays list of missing items needed for the active manufacturing mission
MultiAim 3 Adds secondary/tertiary leadoff reticles for different weapon triggers instead of just the primary.
Mute Music 2 Toggles whether the game plays music or not. It will still play sound. You can optionally modify the sound and music volumes as well. It's mainly useful if you want to quickly disable the in-game music so you can listen to external music, and to quickly enable it again when finished.
NationWar Announcer Plugin 2 This is just a simple plugin I put together to help me with running Nation War. It lets me easily give the "20 minutes to nation war, yadda yadda" announcement, has a rule-spamming function, and can provide a countdown as well.
NavHome 7 Adds button to nav screen that plots a course back to your home station.
Parsec music plugin 13 The Parsec music plugin is another VO music replacement program. This one replaces the music with the music from the old LAN space shooter Parsec. It mimics the behavior of their music system as well
PMsound 0 Plays sound when you receive a PM.
PVP Trainer 2 Watches your health and your targets health while you battle. Sounds a warning when one of you reaches 30% or lower. Announces the winner in Sector Chat. Use /startpvp or /stoppvp You can specify a percentage after the startpvp command like this: /starpvp 40 The default is 30%
QuickReply 2 Commands to make it easier to send PMs.
RadarSwap 3 Allows you to select different images to use for the radar and change its size.
reporter 4 A simple guild chat PK reporting plugin.
Ship Loadouts Manager 32 Save ship loadouts on a per-station basis. Allows custom loadout names.
Sound Alert Suite 15 Plays alert sounds for various in-game actions
Space Scan 3 Space Scan plug-in looks asynchronously for an objects in near space (in radar range) and compare their names with those from the list. There is a basic list which includes useful substrings of hive drops: "xit", "hive", "cpu", "proc", "synth", "grade", "neural", "cyber" You may always add or remove any search substrings by issuing a scan_add or scan_del commands. Those commands are accepting multiple arguments at once /scan_add arthemis nanite /scan_del orun scrap The space scanning must be toggled by scan_toggle command to begin or stop. It is practical you bind this toggling to key: ----- /bind F2 scan_toggle -----
SpeedWarp 10 Increases the FOV as you exceed your ship's standard velocity. Looks particularly nice in the 3rd person view.
SwitchTarget 5 Plugin for groups that lets the leader change everyone else's targets. Now with support for subgroups and asteroids.
TabReply++ 5 TabReply++ enhances the normal behavior of the Tab button for replying to PMs.(Does not currently work on Mobile)
TapLockTurbo 4 Works like +turbo (press to turbo, release to stop turboing), unless you double-tap it. When double-tapped, it locks turbo until the next time you press it.
TargetButton 12 Performs "Target Nearest", ignoring hostility. Ignores group members by default (this is optional). Can optionally ignore guild members as well.
targetless 42 Advanced targeting overlay for your HUD.
TGFT_Utilities 2 Many functions for finding things in VO. General Utilities. /search /lowprice /highprice /stations /mydent /autounload /turbotoggle See more info on the TGFT forums under plugins.
Timer 4 In-game timer to set your own countdown.
ToasterCrushSuite 6 Various plugins that are useful for flight/awareness.
Trigger Colors 3 Adds new colors for the highlights around addons displayed on the HUD to distinguish which trigger it is set to
Turret Selection Interface 7 A new view for the capship Turrets tab which displays turrets as icons directly on the ship model, so you are easily able to see exactly where you the turret is located. Video:
TurretHop 11 TurretHop - Quickly enter one of your own turrets from the HUD.
VO Radio Suggestion 2 Very rough in game support for picking songs on VO Radio. Will only work if Mr. Universe is onlne. Seems he doesn't broadcast anymore. Ahh well
vzoom 4 Eldrad's variable zoom aliases packaged as a plugin.
WeaponSafe 2 Adds a /safe command that puts weapons in a safe mode where not assigned to any trigger.
Wing Commander Music 1 Replaces Vendetta Audio with Wing Commander 1 tracks
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