MDI TargetList

A minimalist on-HUD target list display.
Originally developed for use with the prototype MDI HUD, this plugin has been updated to also work in a standalone capacity.


/settargetbinds -- Sets 1-0 to target item 1-10, and "-" to toggle PC only
/target<n> -- Targets <n> in the list (e.g. /target3)
/targetnext -- Changes to the next target in the list (not set by /settargetbinds)
/targetprev -- Changes to the previous target in the list (not set by /settargetbinds)
/togglepconly -- Filters the list to only show PCs
/targetlist pos <x> <y> -- only useful if used standalone
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1 2014 - Jun 03 Download Use this version
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